Researching cosmetic products: share your experiences SESSION 11AM-12AM.

03 décembre 2015


Can You Help US With Our Project?


We are conducting research on what consumers look for in cosmetic products and would like to hear about your knowledge, opinions, attitudes and experiences. Are you a consumer of cosmetic products or perhaps you buys cosmetic products as a gift for friends and willing to take part in our focus group discussions?

What Does It Involve?

In these group discussions we will use pictures, posters and general conversation as a method of capturing your experiences. You will be asked to look at these images, conduct a few quick tasks and have a conversation about your attitudes/experiences towards cosmetic products. There are no wrong answers, just different points of view.

At the end of the session you will complete a short demographic questionnaire for data classification purposes. Such as male/female, nationality etc.

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03 décembre 2015
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