A Word from the Director

To develop the student's self-confidence, relationships and cultural skills.

Because companies seek   young multi-skilled managers who are audacious, responsible and creative PSB Paris School of Business developed a unique educational approach which challenges current practices of business school: discovery-based teaching called U DISCOVER.

Discover is an extra-curricular journey of personal awareness developed by Paris School of Business aimed at providing an operational and practical dimension to our 3 years of academics. To this regard, it enhances all of our teachings and helps illustrate the PSB motto: “Acting Beyond Knowledge”.

Armand Derhy, Director of the Paris School of Business.


The U DISCOVER program is obligatory and It’is an integral part of the PSB  Paris School of Business pedagogy.

It is obligatory for every business school program and BBA students  require it to  graduate.

The course U Discover (1 ECTS) appears on each student's annual marks report

The U DISCOVER’s program is a condition to graduate at PSB Paris School of Business.

The U DISCOVER program is obligatory for all students in the PSB business school program : BBA and High School program.

A website exclusively dedicated to U DISCOVER will allow student to obtain information on their planned activities, log in  and validate their participating. To  access  all the additional functionality needed , students have to log in there usual login information.

All the PSB Paris School of Business students can participate in the activities

1. U DISCOVER as a subject (Bachelor 1, Bachelor 2, Bachelor 3 Paris, Master 1, BBA)

Minimum 7 credits U DISCOVER (for High school program students) or 3 credits ( for BBA students) in a year (deadline to receive credits is the last day of the end-of-year examinations). To validate a credit you have to participate and validate a U DISCOVER action.

Validate a credit U DISCOVER used to validate only one ECTS.

7 U DISCOVER credits = 1 ECTS

During periods spent abroad, students can continue to count U DISCOVER credits

2. U DISCOVER Actions

There are 3 types of U DISCOVER actions:

A. "permanent" actions which are carried out throughout the year: 3rd foreign language classes, training courses, chairing an association, the creation of a blog during a stay abroad, student mentoring... etc. The complete list of permanent actions is available in the UDISCOVER regulations available on your extranet. Permanent actions are validated at the end of the academic year upon request through the U DISCOVER office.

To apply, simply subscribe on the website using your usual login ID.

Attention: Permanent action can be validate upon request.

B. supervised actions:

  • validated via lists of attendance following registration via the U DISCOVER site (conferences, guided tours, theatre...).
  • Only students who pre-register appear on the lists and may, thus, receive U DISCOVER validated credits.

C. free actions: validated with proof (exhibitions, museums …).

  • Two steps on how it works:
  1. Log in U DISCOVER website using your usual login ID . On the event page, click on the “validate’ button to upload a digital proof of subscription. Write on It name and class.
  2. send original proof  by  courier to  Paris School of Business. They are recorded and then appear on your U DISCOVER account.

A maximum of 4 actions validated with proof of attendance are allowed per year, per student.

3. The U Discover program

The U Discover Program is mandatory for all PSB students and appears on Diploma Supplements.

If you are starting in PSB as a BBA L100 student: 9 credits (3 per year) needed at the end of your program.

If you are starting in PSB as a BBA L200 student: 6 credits (3 per year) needed at the end of your program.

If you are starting in PSB as a BBA L300 student: 3 credits (3 per year) needed at the end of your program.


Registration will be final.  Any student registered for a U DISCOVER action who does not attend the event will be sanctioned with the elimination of one U DISCOVER credit (besides not receiving validation for the credit concerned).

The deadline for credit validating is the 5th year final exam.

In order to ensure the success of this unique program, the entire academic team is involved from the Dean to administrative personnel to the faculty, particularly the department heads. A student association was created for this purpose: The U Discover association which aims to initiate, organise and communicate the actions they undertake.

The 100-member strong U DISCOVER association is comprised of 3 areas, each with two leaders. It is directed by two Presidents who work closely together with the PSB faculty and administration.

The association is supported by two master's assistants who are responsible for managing the U DISCOVER program. The master's assistants welcome students at the U DISCOVER office( R19 office).

The U DISCOVER program is overseen by Amélie MALINVERNO.

On 14 December 2007, ESG MS was awarded the L’Express-Etudiant, France Info Education Prize for its U DISCOVER program.

More than 610 actions were carried out in 2013-2014, exceeding the 473 carried out in 2012-2013. This evolution is witness to our students' engagement with a unique program that helps align the Knowledge component with the development of Know-How and Interpersonal Skills.

For any additional information about U DISCOVER you can speak directly to the U DISCOVER office (on the ground floor door R19)

Contact U DISCOVER Assistant Nadia and Téféry 01 53 82 57 02, with the form or the leader of U DISCOVER association Syan ZHAO : zhao_syan@yahoo.com